Jeanine Rynners heightens the tactility of her distinctive mixed media work by adding chased pewter and copper, patterned and sculpted ceramics as well as wire to the picture plain that is modelled in relief and studded with clay beads. These paintings are reminiscent of the textured buildings of Africa, the earth colours of its cattle, the reds and oranges of its sunsets and the sea blues and sand whites of Mauritius, where Jeanine lived for 5 years. The recurring motifs of trees, flowers and animals are symbolic of the life force and the figures are us, in the world, searching for meaning. The circles and half-moons become mandalas of the enigmatic, its fluidity counterpoised against the symmetrical elements and contrasted with the organic shapes in turn. From time to time she would paint meditative landscapes, sparse and unadorned, imbued with quietude and turbulence alike. Jeanine's work has been shown in various galleries in South Africa, with much success, as well as in a television interview in her studio in 2006 and it attracts buyers from as far afield as Germany and the Netherlands. Jeanine presently lives in Pretoria.
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